Monday, January 3, 2011

a fallen angel

an angel hurt her wings
she fall down to nowhere
nobody help her there
they saw her but just ignore
angel felt so sad
why no one try to understand and help me??
she had no family, no friend, no love
in this new moon
all that she did just cried
and pray
may she'll find the way back one day
you're beautiful
you're kind
but never smile
since she lost the love
the sun stop shining
the world was silence in darkness
and cold
has she became the snow queen?
which has fragile heart
as she forgot how to be happy
she was at her place
but lose herself
dear god
please bless pity angel
give her some love that never end
to keep the sun shine its brightness
and warmth to the world
to bloom the flowers
so that she can smile again

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